Learn By Example: Statistics and Data Science in R

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  • Introduction
    You, This course and Us2:32
    Top Down vs Bottoms Up : The Google vs McKinsey way of looking at data12:58
    R and RStudio installed5:10
  • The 10 second answer : Descriptive Statistics
    Descriptive Statistics : Mean, Median, Mode10:07
    Our first foray into R : Frequency Distributions6:07
    Draw your first plot : A Histogram3:11
    Computing Mean, Median, Mode in R2:21
    What is IQR (Inter-quartile Range)?8:08
    Box and Whisker Plots3:11
    The Standard Deviation10:24
    Computing IQR and Standard Deviation in R6:06
  • Inferential Statistics
    Drawing inferences from data3:25
    Random Variables are ubiquitous16:54
    The Normal Probability Distribution9:31
    Sampling is like fishing6:14
    Sample Statistics and Sampling Distributions9:25
  • Case studies in Inferential Statistics
    Case Study 1 : Football Players (Estimating Population Mean from a Sample)6:49
    Case Study 2 : Election Polling (Estimating Population Proportion from a Sample)7:51
    Case Study 3 : A Medical Study (Hypothesis Test for the Population Mean)13:53
    Case Study 4 : Employee Behavior (Hypothesis Test for the Population Proportion)9:49
    Case Study 5: A/B Testing (Comparing the means of two populations)17:18
    Case Study 6: Customer Analysis (Comparing the proportions of 2 populations)11:50
  • Diving into R
    Harnessing the power of R7:26
    Assigning Variables8:48
    Printing an output13:03
    Numbers are of type numeric5:25
    Characters and Dates7:30
  • Vectors
    Data Structures are the building blocks of R8:24
    Creating a Vector2:23
    The Mode of a Vector4:18
    Vectors are Atomic2:24
    Doing something with each element of a Vector3:09
    Aggregating Vectors1:28
    Operations between vectors of the same length5:39
    Operations between vectors of different length5:30
    Generating Sequences6:25
    Using conditions with Vectors2:04
    Find the lengths of multiple strings using Vectors2:22
    Generate a complex sequence (using recycling)2:49
    Vector Indexing (using numbers)6:56
    Vector Indexing (using conditions)6:18
    Vector Indexing (using names)2:27
  • Arrays
    Creating an Array11:36
    Indexing an Array7:38
    Operations between 2 Arrays2:09
    Operations between an Array and a Vector2:45
    Outer Products6:23
  • Matrices
    A Matrix is a 2-Dimensional Array7:59
    Creating a Matrix2:00
    Matrix Multiplication2:49
    Merging Matrices2:06
    Solving a set of linear equations2:06
  • Factors
    What is a factor?6:48
    Find the distinct values in a dataset (using factors)1:28
    Replace the levels of a factor2:18
    Aggregate factors with table()1:40
    Aggregate factors with tapply()5:07
  • Lists and Data Frames
    Introducing Lists5:11
    Introducing Data Frames4:28
    Reading Data from files4:52
    Indexing a Data Frame5:38
    Aggregating and Sorting a Data Frame6:28
    Merging Data Frames3:30
  • Regression quantifies relationships between variables
    Introducing Regression12:22
    What is Linear Regression?16:06
    A Regression Case Study : The Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)6:34
  • Linear Regression in Excel
    Linear Regression in Excel : Preparing the data9:53
    Linear Regression in Excel : Using LINEST()16:48
  • Linear Regression in R
    Linear Regression in R : Preparing the data13:05
    Linear Regression in R : lm() and summary()16:04
    Multiple Linear Regression12:16
    Adding Categorical Variables to a linear model7:44
    Robust Regression in R : rlm()3:14
    Parsing Regression Diagnostic Plots12:10
  • Data Visualization in R
    Data Visualization6:23
    The plot() function in R3:42
    Control color palettes with RColorbrewer4:15
    Drawing barplots5:25
    Drawing a heatmap2:52
    Drawing a Scatterplot Matrix3:41
    Plot a line chart with ggplot28:19

Use Real-Life Examples & Case Studies to Understand the R Programming Language


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R is a programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics that is widely used among statisticians and data miners for data analysis. In this course, you'll get a thorough run-through of how R works and how it's applied to data science. Before you know it, you'll be crunching numbers like a pro, and be better qualified for many lucrative careers.

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