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  • Install and Setup Your Computer - Video Lectures for Setting up Windows PC, MAC & Linux
    Install Java, JDK and JRE - Windows PC
    Install intelliJ IDEA - Windows PC
    Install IntelliJ IDEA - MAC
    Install IntelliJ IDEA and Running Kotlin and Java - Linux Ubuntu
    Install Android Studio - Linux Ubuntu
    Install Java JDK and Run Hello World on Command Line - Linux Ubuntu
    Test Java File
  • Learn Java Programming From Scratch - Java Basic Operations
    Java Compilation Process3:07
    Introduction to Variables - String Variables5:14
    Variables - Ints and Concatenation7:44
    Variables - Float, Chars, Double, Short12:40
    Variables - Booleans2:50
    Basic Operations - Addition, Sub, Multiplication13:17
    Logical Operators and If Statements10:19
    For and While Loops11:53
    Introduction to Methods & Parameters12:04
    Introduction to Methods - Return types13:11
  • – Java Advanced Concepts
    Introduction to Classes and Objects15:02
    Instance or Member Variables - Access Control9:06
    Access Modifier - Protected1:50
    Java Access Modifiers and Getters and Setters - Part 212:58
    Java Access Modifier and Intro to Constructors15:02
    Overloading Constructors5:25
    Introduction to Inheritance in Java Video 112:56
    nheritance in Java Video 211:05
    The Java Class Library13:29
  • Java Advanced Concepts 2 - Inheritance and Data Structure
    Introduction to Java Arrays Video 110:50
    Introduction to Java Arrays Video 26:24
    Java Array Lists Video 110:08
    Java Array Lists Video 26:08
    HashMaps Video 110:29
    HashMap Video 23:30
  • Back to Android App Development
    The Android Studio IDE - Setup and Run App8:28
    Android Platform Architecture5:46
    The Android Studio - Android File Structure3:26
    XML Files - Android User Interface and ConstraintLayout14:03
    Android Studio - User Interface XML Properties6:48
    R-java File - How To Change Button Properties In Code13:34
    The String.xml File6:16
    The Manifest File5:03
  • Designing the Interface - How to Use Views in Android
    TextViews and Buttons - App 1 Video 18:15
    TextViews and Buttons - App 1 - Video 29:01
    EditText Show Name App7:59
    Meters to Inches App Video 15:40
    Meters to Inches App Video 29:52
    Meters to Inches App Video 310:08
    Download Meters To Inches App Source Code
    Try Me! - App - Random Colors Video 110:28
    Try Me! - App - Random Colors Video 213:35
  • Android User Interface 2
    Radio Buttons Video 19:55
    Radio Buttons Video 29:47
    Toggle Button9:07
    CheckBox Video 110:03
    Checkbox Video 210:24
    Tip Calculator Video 19:26
    Tip Calculator Video 212:03
    Tip Calculator Video 314:00
  • Debugging
    Context in Android And Toast Class11:22
    Log Class7:09
    What's Debugging - Breakpoints and Logging10:49
  • Introduction to Activities in Android
    What's an Activity?6:05
    Activity Life Cycle7:56
    Navigate to a Different Activity8:16
    Passing Data Between Activities13:24
    Passing Data Back to First Activity12:47
    Pet Bio Video 111:28
    Pet Bio Video 212:11
    Pet Bio Video 38:02
  • RecyclerView ( Alternative to Listviews) - Core Android Component
    RecyclerViewer Setup10:35
    Introduction to RecyclerView Video 12:49
    RecyclerView Video 29:59
    RecyclerView Video 317:03
    RecyclerView Video 47:55
    Adding Event Listeners To Each Row5:39
    Tap Row and Show Another Activity14:30
  • User Interface - Android Layouts - XML Layouts
    Deeper Look at XML Layouts - Linear Layout9:54
    TableLayout and TableRows9:02
    Android Styles Layouts and Themes17:24
  • Android Media - Images and Sounds
    Frame Animation12:24
    Fading Animation4:44
    MediaPlayer - Playing an MP3 File Video 19:26
    MediaPlayer - Playing an MP3 File Video 26:58
    MediaPlayer - Playing an MP3 File Video 33:52
  • Storage in Android - Shared Preferences, Internal Storage
    Contact Manager App Video 111:14
    Contact Manager App Video 211:23
    Contact Manager App Video 312:46
    Contact Manager App Video 414:47
    Contact Manager App Video 59:51
    Contact Manager App Video 610:45
    Demo Grocery List App Video 13:19
    Grocery List App Video 216:49
    Grocery List App Video 38:28
    Grocery List App Video 412:30
    Grocery List App Video 512:51
    Grocery List App Video 610:34
    Grocery List App Video 713:08
    Grocery List App Video 814:08
    Grocery List App Video 918:07
    Grocery List App Video 1014:39
    Grocery List App Video 1114:11
    Grocery List App Video 1218:14
  • Connecting to the World - Connecting to the Internet
    Introduction to HTTP and JSON6:16
    Whats an Android Library?4:09
    Volley - String Request5:58
    Volley - JSON Array Request17:59
    Volley - JSON Object Request Parsing18:46
    App Movie Directory Demo2:14
    App Movie Directory Video 112:05
    App Movie Directory Video 210:05
    App Movie Directory Video 312:57
    App Movie Directory Video 414:38
    App Movie Directory Video 510:50
    App Movie Directory Video 614:28
    App Movie Directory Video 713:15
    App Movie Directory Video 811:01
  • Firebase - Cloud Based Application Development
    Introduction to Firebase and AS setup14:50
    Firebase Login Authorization13:27
    Firabase Signin Email12:39
  • Where Am I? -Using Google Maps and Geocoding and Location
    Introduction to Location Based Applications - Google Maps11:34
  • How to Make a Flappy Bird Game Clone
    Libgdx - Center Image on Screen13:30
    Game Development - Coordinate System - Center Objects12:35
    Flappy Bird Game Demo2:32
    Flappy Bird - Setup State and Statemanager Classes14:07
    Flappy Bird - Game Setup - GameState and PlayState manager10:22
    Flappy Bird - Setting up the CameraView9:12
    Flappy Bird - Put Bird on Screen10:22
    Flappy Bird Menu State13:51
    Flappy Bird - Using Timer Class to Delay Action3:08
    Flappy Bird - Show Tube on Screen10:23
    Flappy Bird - Moving Pipes and Bird16:18

Android O Is Here! Learn It, Java, & IntelliJ IDEA From Scratch Now!

Fahd Sheraz


Fahd Sheraz is a developer and teacher who is passionate about building web & mobile apps. He has a MSc degree in Computer Science - Internet Engineering from Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Fahd started programming in 1995 and wrote his first program using DOS and Windows 95. He built a wide range of systems for companies in different parts of the world. In 2007, he founded his first business, developing complex web applications for businesses and helping them to market online through search engines. In 2017, he is celebrating 22 years of programming experience.


The newest Android OS release, Android Oreo, is available for developers, so there's no time like the present to learn the powerful new capabilities to this operating system as you learn how to build apps for Android. Even if you know absolutely nothing about coding, this course will introduce you to Java, the Android Studio, IntellJ IDEA, and other key concepts of creating apps for Android. Beyond that, you'll learn by actually doing as you develop clones of popular apps that you can use as source code for your own ideas going forward.

  • Access 214 lectures & 31.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn Android app development & Java programming
  • Create engaging, real-world Android apps, like clones of Flappy Bird, calculator, YouTube, & more
  • Work w/ APIs, web services, & advanced databases
  • Explore IntelliJ IDEA & Android Studio & build user interfaces in both
  • Understand Android building blocks


  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion not included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels


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